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Skin Treatments

Our Dermatology Services

Acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections, sun damaged skin and precancerous lesions like solar keratosis and a variety of other conditions are distressing and frustrating conditions which require careful management. At RPM Health Clinic in Leicester & Warwick we understand that not all illnesses and treatment fit around NHS timing and we are here to help fit your health needs and concerns around your time table. All appointments are available in person or via Telehealth (phone or video call) with private prescription of this is the correct course of treatment.

Skin Rash

At RPM Health Clinic we provide a reassuringly comprehensive service for the assessment, diagnosis and management of most skin conditions. Whether you have an itchy rash, an allergy, a suspicious mole, or a skin blemish you would like assessed or removed, we offer a complete skin service within the calming, unique and quality clinical environment at RPM Health Clinic.

We can see you for a wide range of concerns, including:

  • acne

  • blemishes, lumps and bumps

  • atopic dermatitis/eczema

  • dry skin

  • itchiness

  • mole screening

  • skin cancer identifying

  • nail disease or strange nail growth

  • psoriasis

  • facial or body rashes

  • warts

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